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2016 Teaching of refugees
Preparation for the HTBLA (college for electrical engineering) respectively final apprenticeship examination in principles of electrical engineering.

2012 Teacher electrical engineering HTBLA (college for electrical engineering) Moedling
Teaching theory and principles of electrical engineering.

2011 Freelance trainer electrical technologies
Teaching electrical regulations, training practical electrical, installations working out of exam questions, assessment of training success.

2009 Foundation DI Manfred Gruber e.U.
Licensee electrical engineering, trade certificate communication electronics and information technology.

2008 Foundation DI Manfred Gruber KG
Licensee electrical engineering, trade certificate communication electronics and information technology.

2008 Business manager electrical engineering, firm Sasse
Conducting of the department electrical engineering. Owner of the licensee electrical engineering.

2007 Business manager electrical engineering, PABU Bukowski KEG
Building up and conducting of the department electrical engineering. Owner of the licensee electrical engineering.

2002 Freelance consultant, SW-quality and SW-testing
Consulting tasks in different projects and different companies in software testing, disaster recovery, software quality and software security.

2001 ADS System (Austria) AG, Vienna Austria (Start Up),
        Technical Director Austria
Work in a start up company in position head of the departments Network, System, Cabling and project management was a challenge. I was responsible for 40 members of staff. One task was developing a output depending salary system for the department technique. The restriction of the technical department and team development on one side, on the other side regular personal target agreements and the controlling of the targets of the co-workers where part of the work in this position.

2000 Infomatec ASP (Austria) GmbH,
        Vienna Austria Head of Department Project Management
To build up and the conduction oft the project management department after the merge of the Infomatec ASP (Austria) GmbH with the BHF& MKL Datentechnik was the main task. The decision of employment was in my hands and also the responsibility for budgetary and cost of the project management department. Introducing project management generally in middle and bigger IT network cable projects and to write the project management handbook was part of my activities. In strategic customer projects I personally did project the management. Coaching the assistants in working technique, self management and project management was part of my executive duty. Also coaching external co-workers in the different project phases and specially the support and coordination in creative techniques was a very interesting task.

1998 Connect Austria, Vienna Austria,
        Project manager in Quality Assurance
The come back to Austria – idea to get some working experience in Switzerland was in the mean time 11 years. In the start up of one (Connect Austria) my experience in good organised big international companies was very useful. In the fast growing up in this time was a need for new structures and the definition of processes. In planning of systematic tests I had experience and with my training in moderation I could accompany the hand over of software from the development in the production. The know-how in software testing was the basic to teach the internal developer. To work out and the presentation the training “Quality and Software Testing” with a college was an interesting job.

1991 Landis & Gyr (Landis & Staefa after the merger), Zug, Switzerland,
        Project manager in Management, responsible for system testing
In the second employment in Switzerland I started as project manager in the department of quality assurance. First I had to define and to write the software quality rules. After that we introduced the software review technique. My task was to write the rules for the software reviews and the work instructions. For the planning and moderation of the software reviews I got training in moderation. The moderation of reviews was a very interesting job. With an internal reorganisation I changed in the department of System Design. There I was responsible for system test. Every new development of an automatic heating control whit an interface for communication had to pass my test. In this position I was delegated to the international interchange of software test experience the EURO STAR. There I had the idea for the test automation of an embedded system. I cold successfully realize the test autoimmunisation in this position.

1987 Ascom Radiocom AG, Solothurn, Switzerland
        development engineer
After my studies on the Technical University Of Vienna I had the possibility to go to Switzerland. At that time the Ascom was the result oft the merge of the Swiss telecommunication companies. The main activities of Radiocom were to develop professional radios, as they where used for police, fire army, and ambulance. Soon I had to run international projects. First there was one with Ascom Austria, followed by a development project in Great Britain. At this time the first microprocessor where built in the radios. For explaining software bugs in English I had to brush up my English first in an intensive course in London. The correction of specification sheets and final checks of software releases where my main activities.

1976 Temporary jobs during my studies
I did several different jobs to finance a part of my studies. For example truck driver for the clearance of snow in Vienna and ski instructor jobs during the winter holidays. In some small computer companies I had to layout activities and built up test equipment.

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