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My first own computer was a Commodore 64. On the technical university I learned first Pascal, so it was easy to write programs in Basic. I developed several and for the end of my studies I used the Commodore 64 for a word processor. 40 characters on the television-screen in one line and 80 characters on the paper were really funny!

Later I bought a 486/66MHz - in this time a fast PC. A little bit late I built up a 386 for a Zyxel voice modem. I had a voice mail box and my first network with DR-DOS. I think it was about 1993. These PCs do not exist any more for a long time.
At the end of 2003 I learned more in Linux. The first Project was a fileserver for my personal network. E K6 II 400MHz is sufficient. The first one had 460GB later I had a Fileserver with 1Tbyte. The most surprising was the speed. 2 fast Windows clients with hard access to the fileserver are no problem for Linux.
At begin of the 2007 I installed a new web server/firewall. Additional a PDC/fileserver also on an old HP e-Vectra (the two computers on the left side on the photo). The old Celeron Processors are sufficient for those systems. The power consummation is about 30 W. Therefore a noisy fan is not needed and the costs for the electricity are not high.

The hard disk was the reason for the change. After 14 month continuous operation a fail function was predictable. The software was working without problems. In both e-Vectra's there is a new 250 GB HD.

The "old" fileserver with 1 TB is still working. It is only tuned on when there is a need. Normally the 250 GB of the PDC are sufficient.
At the end of 2004 a fileserver with 1TB was very special (in this time large hard disks had 200GB!).

At the beginning of 2008 the old fileserver went in pension - it stays as back up server on a different place.

The fileserver 2 has a VIA PC 3500 motherboard and 1.5 TB. The energy absorption is 40W - it is only tuned on when it is needed.
At the end of 2014 I switched off the last e-Vectra after 8 years non stop operating!
The C60M1-I Motherboard is fixed in a big tower - so I do nor need a fan for cooling
The C60M1-I needs little power. I used it in the firewall and in the 6TB fileserver
Because a standard pc power supply has at about 25W a very low level of efficiency I used a industries switch power supply. The server only draws (measured) 100mA at the 230V mains!
During the configuration of the servers - the backup server can be switched on anytime when necessary

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