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The newest hobby is at the moment diving. For decades I like to learn it. I started snorkelling already when I was young. I was not able for different reasons to start diving for a long time.
In autumn 2002 I started at the TC-Pinguin with the training for the CMAS Brevet*. In April 2003 I did my examination dives at the Neufeldersee.

With the colleges of the club I was able to get more experience in the Attersee and the Wolfgangsee. Included in this there where ice blocked first stage pistons in 30 m depth. I was very lucky to learn this accompanying by dive instructors or very experienced divers! Also on my lead weight I could see my experience. I started with 11 kg - after 30 dives I only need 3 kg.
Until that time I lend tanks, jacket and regulators from the club. In summer 2003 I bought my own equipment. In autumn I found a Suunto Vytec for a affordable price. To fix it on my mechanical console I used a piece of Plexiglas Ė so I have an overview to all my instruments. For security reasons I have every instrument redundant.

In winter 2003 / 2004 I had the training for the Brevet**. I like the good training in the diving club very much. I am confirmed that someone with a short education in a commercial diving centre is not so good prepared for surprising problems as someone with a long CMAS training.
Preparing for a dive in the Wolfgansee
After a dive in the Attersee
From time to time I bought different parts of my diving equipment. Because I am diving often in the lakes of Austria I bought 2004 a dry suit. For higher temperatures I have a 3 mm shorty. The most important purchase I did 2008 - two new regulators ...
Because of problems with frozen primary regulator I made an analysis of my dives. I cold not find an extreme consummation of air. Nevertheless from time to time I had a frozen regulator in 32 to 35 m depth. It always was with the pressure of 170 bar in the tank. This is the pressure where the Joule-Thomson-Effect of air has the maximum.
There are a lot of factors witch have influence if a regulator freezes or not. With measurement it is not possible to grab. The EN 250 has no relevance fort he praxis.
So I decided 2008 to buy two Poseidon Cyklon 5000. They are old reliable regulators and they are used by professional divers. My experience up to now: fix it and forget it! They are simple working without problems.
The only criticize are the position for the hoses. They are so near that a transmitter for the pressure canít be fixed without blocking the low pressure connectors. Also the low pressure connectors are exactly left and right of the DIN screw thread. When you like to use two first stages with a V-double valve you get in trouble with the low pressure hoses.
The old regulator I configured now for warm water. There is no need for two first stages. Normally there are no tanks with double valves. Less weight is also an advantage for trips with the aeroplane.
In spring 2014 I passes a side mount diving training. I interesting way to dive!

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