Different parts of wood turning

- Hobbies
|| Motorcycle
|| Computer
|| Diving
|| Wood turning
--- Tr. Straight-g.
--- Tr. Cross-grain
--- Tr. Writing I.
--- Writing Sets
--- Twisted Pen
--- Click Pen
--- Teacher
--- Diverse W.I.
--- Special W.I.
--- Chalk Holder
--- Cups
--- Vases
--- Wood turning
--- Spheres
--- Devices
- Handcrafts

An experiment to make pearls of wood
A bottle closure made of banksia cone
A tea candle of a rowan tree
A candle holder from the cherry tree
My version of the nutcracker - the part of wood turning is little.
A salt shaker is stickled in. To turn the wood I constructed a special clamping device.
A perfume atomizer for Barbara
I tried to shape in lathe a sphere for this bottle closure
This tea candle is made of a branch fork

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