Additional constructions for wood turning

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The grinder for pen blanks is fixed in the cutter head of the tailstock. Therefore a perpendicularity is given
The sliding construction I already made for my sharper. I only had to construct the leading part for the pen blank
A steady rest I made with circular segments. To have enough space outside for the hand rest I fixed it only on one side
The pulley are from in-line skates. With the slot the distance can be adjusted. Because of the CNC cut circular segments the construction is very stable
For bigger diameters I made this outside turning device. It can be fixed in a variable distance on the lathe
With the turnable headstock are big diameters possible
To made small pearls of wood I build this device. The left part is fixed in the collect chunk of the mandrill. The small o-ring transferred the turning moment. The fence is about is about a 2.5 mm axis. The turning part on the right side is fixed in the cone off the Oneway live centre.
After the rough turning I used this cutting edge to get easily a spherical.
To lacquer I fixed the pearls in a long axis.
A sphere turning device made of a output shaft of a tractor
With a additional device I can move the pivot point out of the rotation axes of the lathe
Wood turning of a convex piece of wood
Wood turning of a concave piece of wood
To remove the tappets I made a sphere mounting for different diameters
The sphere are chucked and always turned a little bit
With this circle cutter I can produce circles from 4.5 cm to 37 cm on my band saw
With this circle cutter I can produce circles from 4.5 cm to 37 cm on my band saw
Two aluminium plates are connected with desk leafs. The milling machine can be fixed in different angles. The threaded rod with the knurled nuts are for the end stop.
For drilling the block is fixed in a 90° position.
With a punch disk different patterns can be realised.
For the salt cellar I had to think for a while how I can fix the glass. Here the parts
The mechanism is put into the glass. With the threaded bolt the cone can be moved in the plastic part. So the glass can be fixed. The bottom is pressed against the chuck with the centre punch and a thick disc of hard rubber
The table is from an old sander
The wooden pen blanks were fixed with clamps an the bonding too
After the bonding it blankets were cut off in the right length. Afterwards the next bonding is made. So I can combine the wood as I like
A part of wooden pole with 100 mm nails is used to dry the surface after it was lacquer
For multi layered blankets I built this device. The angle can be adjusted from 45° to 10°
The different wooden parts can be bonded

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