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The personal set for Barbara in granadilla and tulipwood
A twisted pen and a propelling pencil made of Grenadil and Tuscan Olive
A holder for the writing instruments
The new fountain pen for Isabella
The new writing set for Isabella
My personal set is made of Granadilla and Palisades. The fountain-pen nibs are made of Titan, the propelling pencil has a 0.5 mm pencil lead, a black retractable ballpoint pen and a red twist ballpoint pen.
All three writing instruments of Isabellas set.

Stolen the 28th July 2014 in Italy!
This wonderful etui is a good protection.

Stolen the 28th July 2014 in Italy!
A 0.5 mm lead pencil an a twist ball pen made of birch and black parts of granadilla. The birch pats on the rear side are just 0.5 mm thick!

Stolen the 28th July 2014 in Italy!

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