Two side writing instruments

- Hobbies
|| Motorcycle
|| Computer
|| Diving
|| Wood turning
--- Tr. Straight-g.
--- Tr. Cross-grain
--- Tr. Writing I.
--- Writing Sets
--- Twisted Pen
--- Click Pen
--- Teacher
--- Diverse W.I.
--- Special W.I.
--- Chalk Holder
--- Cups
--- Vases
--- Wood turning
--- Spheres
--- Devices
- Handcrafts

This Teacher is made of ash olive and Colombo
A colorful Teacher with e middle part of Grenadill
A colourful Teacher strong tapered with a middle part made of birch
A Teacher made of Red Heart, carrot of olive and birch
A Teacher wit the middle part of Bamboo and red and blue painted hazelnut
A Teacher made of Red Hart, rowan tree and birch
A Teacher made of Red Hart, Palisades and birch
A Teacher made of Grenadill, ash and olive
A Teacher made of Amaranth, Colombo and ash
For the teacher 2 I used the same tropic wood Amaranth and Colombo as for the first. The middle Part is made of ash
From the tropical blankets Amaranth and Colombo with the middle part of birch I made the teacher. One side writes blue the other red.

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