Self-made special writing instruments

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--- Tr. Writing I.
--- Writing Sets
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--- Click Pen
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--- Devices
- Handcrafts

I called this twist pen "poker"
A roller ball made of ivory substitute
Of a peacock feather and a grip stock of hazelnut I made this "proud ball pen"
For the meeting of the paddles I made this ball pen
Because the electronic of my lathe was defect I made on the metal lathe these ball pens of aluminium
Yellow-black acryl with a black chrome cigar
Red acryl for a chrome click pen
A Cigar made of blue acryl
Acryl in blue and yellow - this are my colours
I like to try other material - acryl shockwave
The name is hunter
This credit card pen is made of the woof of Tuscan olive carrot

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