Storage boxes under the seats

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In a car there is a must to transport a couple of small accessories for example breakdown triangle, high visibility vest, dressing material etcetera. Under the seats there is a lot of space but by breaking the accessories can slide forward and this can be dangerous. Therefore I built an U-Box to keep the accessories secure under the seats. I is made of 9mm plywood.
Here the framing for the driver's seat. The side parts are fixed with Torband screws on the original socket.
The plywood I stained black and varnished it. On the edges there are a 10*10 mm plastic angle section glued.
The framing on the co-driver side has an additional shelf outside.
The dimension of the storage box is so that the cover of the battery can be opened and moved out under the plywood.
The additional outside shelf uses maximal the space to the door.

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