Standard LED Strips for the light

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One of my first modification was to fix the fluorescent bulbs form my old camping car. The technique in the meantime has changed and so this type of light is out of time. LEDs have much more luminance efficacy at 12V than other lamps.
A lot of LED strips for fixing in furniture have 12V DC for the power supplies. So it is simply possible to use standard LED strips - it is not necessary to use expensive types for the camping parts. I bought a set with a 230V power supply and clipped off the wire.
Because the LEDs are not heavy I fixed the braces with 3.5*16 chipboard screws directly in the roof panel. To switch on there are rocker switches also directly fixed in the roof panel. All the wires are invisible on top of the roof panel.
The strips on the rear side consume 150mA - on top of the table I fixed two strips. On the front side I fixed two short strips parallel with a consummation of 110mA for bouth.
The 3 fluorescent bulbs had a cunsumation of 0.6A each. 1.8A versus 410mA - that means saving 75% of the current with a comparable light!

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