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The furniture in the position to drive. The single seat in the second row is in the driving position. Under the bench on the rear side there is the kitchen in a drawer.
In the living position the single seat is turned against the driving direction. With the bench there are L-seats for 3 persons. The table is moved forward in the slide rail.
The drawer with the kitchen moved out is under the rear tent. which is not fixed on the photo. With this construction it is possible to cook stand upright irrespective of the low height of the car.
The living position with closed heck doors.
The sliding door on the diver's side with the support for the rest of the bench.
The pillows are fixed with belts at hooks on the B, C and D-pillars. Therefore they keep the position also in curves.
The table folded. The tabletop I found in sale. I cut of the borders and fixed borders of hard wood.
One table leg and two slid able fixations and the result is a solid table. In the sleeping position the table can be stored in front of the passenger seat.
The fixation in the swig in position. The triangle is a geometric stabile form. Therefore this part must not be soldered it can be put together with screws.
The mounting of the fixed table. In a C-rail a flat-bar aluminium with a M5 screw can slide. The two triangles of the fixation are fixed outside with a knurled nut. As a result the table is fix in the position for driving or living.
The basic panels of the benches are ergonomic slant so a comfortable sitting position is possible.
In the rear part of the bench the kitchen chest is inside. In the front part there is a stowage space.
The strut for the rest at the left sliding door is made of 20*10 mm flat-bar steel. On the rear side it is plug in the C-rail wit a thinner part soldered on.
On the front side there is a hook which is fixed at the mounting if the safety bet of the driver's seat. So it is very easy possible to put out the strut for the sleeping position and it is also possible to get in on the left side.
The unmounted strut. The plastic tube rings protect the wooden panel of scratches.
In the sleeping position the 9 mm plywood panels are underpinned by 27*35 mm groins made of plywood.
The fold up single seat is unhinged and stored on the passenger seat.
At the B and C-pillars I fixed hinge bolts where the cross groins are hooked in.
The mounting are made of steel.
The basic panels unfolded. The 9 mm plywood is coupled with hinges. Because woodscrews would not hold in such a thin plate I used captive nuts and M3 countersunk bolts.
Under the bed there is a stowage space. It is the place for the cooling box. Beside there is space for miscellaneous.
The lying surface is 2.1 m long. So it is possible to sleep comfortable for tall persons.

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