Additional stowage space for camping furniture

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--- Bottom plate
--- Bicycle
--- 12V Electric
--- 230V electric
--- Roof Rails
--- Daytime lights
--- Rear tent
--- Folding tables
--- Photovoltaic
--- Lighting
--- Storage Box
--- Turntable
--- LED Light
--- Furniture
--- Rear box
--- Inverter
--- Scooter carrier
--- Door Panel
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To get additional stowage I built a rear box. Un the photo the underside can be seen. The 4 aluminium elbows fix the position on the rear carrier.
The wole construction is made of 6.5 mm plywood (AW100). The panels are assembled by aluminium elbows and M4 screws.
On the front side there ate aluminium tubes screwed on. Thereby the bicycles are fixed in the perpendicular position.
I demounted the bicycle rails from the sill available rear carrier. The box will be putted on it and fixed with tensions belts. With this construction it is easy possible to put away the box with the bicycles and open the rear doors. So the kitchen chest pan put out and the cooker is ready to use.
The height of the box is so that the bicycles dos not protrude over the car. On the right side there is a flap to put in the camping furniture.

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