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Because it was not possible to get documentation ether neither from Peugeot nor in the internet I made a complete separated electric. The original electric is switched off by the central control unit when the engine is turned off. So it can't be used for a refrigerator or even e Notebook! Also for the Car-PC it is not possible to switch off the current.
I put 8 additional fuses in the battery box.
In the front there is enough space for the row of fuses. There are 16 cables (+12V and for every circuit a GND) in the right front corner of the battery box under the floor covering and then behind the panelling.
Behind the panelling of the A-pillar there is enough space for all wires. Behind the roof panelling the wires came to the rear view mirror. There I fixed a connector bar.
On the rear side right and left I also fixed a connector bar. Later I can connect there the electrical devices.
The wires came out of the roof panelling over the rear view mirror...
The front connector bar without the front tray.

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