Tent for the kitchen over the rear doors

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For cooking it is necessary to stand up. Therefore the kitchen is built in a blanket chest n the rear side. The doors are fixed with a telescope tube.
With an attached wooden part the telescope tube is fixed on the doors.
Barbara sewed a rear tent which is fixed on the rear piping rail. On the ground it fixed with tent pegs.
On the right side the rear tent can be opened. It can not only used for cooking also it is very useful as a changing cubicle.
For sleeping in the car it is good for ventilation. The gas cylinder is put on the floor and connected with a gas socket to the cooker. So there is no gas installation inside of the car.
Te rear tent we extend 2015 to the ground.
In the summer 2014 we had very hard rain at our Italy holidays. The water accumulates on the top so that the stuff was not rainproof any more. To prevent a water bag on the roof I built in this bent stringer in the middle of the roof. So the water can drain off.

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