Folding tables on the rear doors

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--- Bottom plate
--- Bicycle
--- 12V Electric
--- 230V electric
--- Roof Rails
--- Daytime lights
--- Rear tent
--- Folding tables
--- Photovoltaic
--- Lighting
--- Storage Box
--- Turntable
--- LED Light
--- Furniture
--- Rear box
--- Inverter
--- Scooter carrier
--- Door Panel
|| Diff. Handcrafts
|| RaspberryPi

On every rear door I fixed a folding table.
On the right side I can comfortable assemble my diving equipment. When it is complete I put it on without lifting.
The folding table on the left side is fixed a little bit higher.
It is over the kitchen (here it is not in the car).
It is possible t fix a jerry can with a belt. So in a simple way flow water is attendant. For the kitchen a short tube is used to put the water in the sink.

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