Raspberry Pi for presentations

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For my presentations I was looking for a solution to draw and write without turning the back to my listener. The overhead projectors are actually replaced by beamers. So I was looking for am electronic solution.
The A4 base plate can be connected with the aluminium bars with the raspberry pi. The camera is directly on the casing.
Stick together the upper half part of the A4 paper can be seen on the beamer. Most of the beamers I can use have a very long VGA-wire. The most difficult problem at this project was to find a HDMI-VGA converter which works with the long VGA-wires.
To shut down I made this key. For the power supply I use a 5V power pack.
For poor light conditions I fixed two power-LEDs on the Raspberry. Because oft the small voltage (5V USB) I used resistors to limit the current.

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