A suitcase for presentations

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|| RaspberryPi
--- Presenter
--- Suitcase
--- Raspiscan
--- Stepping M.
--- CNC control
--- Raspi-scope

To build up the power supply and connect the beamer was to time-consuming. Therefore I designed a suitcase. Inside there are the documentation and the technical equipment
In the upper part of the suitcase are space for the dissembled presenter and the documents
In the lower part is the technical eqipment: the power bank, HDMI-VGA converter, video cable, power cable and power supply
Also in the lower part there are a small chest for the writing things. Behind there chest there is the VGA-cable for the beamer. This cables are normally so heavy that they would pull the presenter from the desk. The suitcase is heavy enough
For the current supply of the Raspberry a power bank is in the suitcase. The power can be switched and the Raspberry is connected on the USB jack
To use the presenter it is connected wit the HDMI and the USB cable. The VGA cable is connected with the beamer
To switch between the classrooms the the put together presenter is fixed with elastic bands at the suitcase
With the fixed presenter I can go from one classroom to the next

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