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In the autumn of 2005 I cut down this birch tree. I let the stock dry for one year. The wood of a birch is not the best in water resistance but this is not really important. Te wood will be covered by glass fibre mats and then covered with epoxy resin. The wood only has optical function!
The next step - the only one I could not do my self - was to cut the stock in boards. Therefore I bought the parts to a sawmill.
The 3 cm boards as I put it up in the sawmill.
I let the boards dry again.
In summer 2007 I cut the boards first in the middle with the circular hand saw.
With the circular table saw I made 8 mm strips of wood.
The result - an amount of strips of wood 30 * 8 mm.
To dry the strips of wood more I stored it on my workshop.

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