Self made wooden paddle under instruction

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In autumn / winter 2011 I did a course at Dr. Wolfgang Friedl ( ). Under his instruction there are old boats restored and new boats built. There is a lot of knowledge of wood and building up boats. The result is a masterfully work!
Before that course I didn't have an idea how a wooden paddle is built. It was fantastic to see how a wonderful paddle originates form.
The first step was to put light-coloured and dark pieces of wood together. After the decision about the design the pieces were stick together.
The chunk of wood was cut even and then plane on the machine. With a mould the shape of the paddle was marked. Then I cut it with the band saw.
After cutting the chunk of wood there are two symmetric parts to put together with the trunk of the paddle.
Analogously the grip was made.
After finishing the form of the paddle light-coloured and dark veneer was stick outside.
The grip gets his form by using a grater.
The paddle was sliced to the right thickness.
The form of the grip.
The paddle before the fine plane. After the surface is smooth the paddle was vanished wit Epoxy.
After drying the surface was plane again. Than the paddle was lacquer transparent.
That is the finished paddle.

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